Your dream home, a reality

The residential villas’ neighborhoods make a large segment of the city’s quarters. Consisting of various plot sizes to suit a variety of desires, needs and lifestyles. Green spaces and 18 meters wide streets provide an enjoyable, modern and private living conditions as per the highest contemporary lifestyle standards.


Unprecedented Luxury

The mansions’ zone is the Al Marina’s most luxurious area. The neighborhood’s streets are 60 meters wide and is stretched across the city’s span with impressive foliage spaces and breathtaking views overlooking the lake.

Marina, the best option for a promising future

Marina, the best option for a promising future


15 Stories (Apartments)

A unique home with a sea view

The plots surrounding the lake were dedicated for residential towers in Al Marina to grant the apartments a superb view. The towers are integrated within the corniche area and the commercial markets.


15 Stories (Corporate)

The Perfect Business environment

Al Marina provides varying plot areas for the corporate use. Business needs are being considered and will be met through the most advanced relevant technologies out there. After all, nothing beats the fulfilment of working in an ideal environment with a perfect sea view and beautiful scenery to rejuvenate the energy daily and assist in creating innovative paths towards success.


15 Stories (Hotels)

An attraction point to tourists and businessmen

Grandiose globally renowned hotels overlooking the lake will have their own significance in providing iconic living conditions for tourists and businessmen. The hotels will also present a real opportunity for investors to make use of the city’s tourism, commercial and economical potentials both in the present and future.


6-8 Stories

Marina, considers all your desires

In order to provide products that meet all the needs of the community, the project has been allocated to build towers ranging from 6 to 8 floors for multiple uses that will provide apartments and offices in addition to shops that meet the Al Marina residents and visitors needs.

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