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We shared dreams and nurtured motivations to actualize our mutual goals. Through the blessings and guidance of our insightful government that made each and every Saudi citizen a crucial role player in achieving the 2030 vision, we strive together within the life quality program 2020 to merge society into the evolvement and advancement wave throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, leading up to the day it is considered amongst the best livable cities in the world.
Injaz Company therefore established Al Marina City in line with this vision. The dream city of every Saudi citizen overlooking the eastern province that competes with world class cities around the globe.

The pleasure ofa uniquely modern lifestyle

Al Marina, a fully inclusive city revealing a certain vision that’s reflected through a futuristic and civilized society to compete with the world’s finest cities. From infrastructure to utilities and the thoroughly thought of execution. A perfectly contemporary lifestyle is being created to lavishly fulfill the city’s residents’ desires.

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We work at Al Marina through a balanced planning approach, evident in many features like the architectural equilibrium aiming to provide even opportunities for all society’s segments. A broad diversification is assured in plot areas and uses. Environmental balance inspired by mother nature is apparent in allocating 60% of the project’s area for the facilities, lush foliage and a breathtaking lake to compliment the city’s unprecedented and undeniable beauty.


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