Design Principles 

Following are the basic design principles that were guided the structure of Master Plan for Al Marina and Development Code:

1. A Place for Living

Best practices together with the devotion to new urban planning principles made the basis of the Al Marina’s Master Plan. It will ensure the creation of a city with high standard facilities and a quality way of life.

2. Public Places

Both Commercial as well as Residential Districts has several public places for gathering, relaxing, entertaining and shopping. The small neighbourhood has community services at walking distance for every residence.

3. Pedestrian and Cyclist Friendly Walkways

All the parts of Al Marina are accessible on foot by means of a well-designed network of walkways. Open spaces, community centres and transit stations are connected with these walkways; and create a very favourable environment for both pedestrians and cyclist.

4. Variety - Mixed Use

The bend of various facilities, as mentioned by the Land Use Plan, Development Code, and Zoning Regulations, facilitates the establishment of a self-sufficient project. Public places, as well as religious and community services are zoned at the centre of every neighbourhood. The commercial area offers big retail stores, financial institutions, eateries, and cafes along with a civic centre. Different community services such as post office, public library, police station and civic defence are included in the civic centre.

5. Parks, Open Space and the Use of Water in the Landscape.

Public places, plazas, and recreational facilities will be built at many places around the project providing trouble-free access to interactive and learning prospects.

The primary water body in lagoon is located at heart of the project. Other than that, the use of water is restricted to small fountains in parks. Water features are designed to accentuate the visual effects but, at the same time, to decrease water volume; for instance, a thin stream of water pouring over an elevated slab creating the effect of waterfall.

International Design Standards applied

From the early stages of the project such as planning and design and definitely during the contraction phase, the project highest quality kept as one of the main targets. International standards such as NPC, NFPA, ACI, ASTM, ASHTO, ASHRAE, IES, CIBSE, SESEM 3, FIDIC, PMI Standards and others are applied through different stages to make sure that the final product would become the best in the market.

Traffic Solutions

An important factor, which is taken into serious consideration during the planning phase of Al Marina, is to provide seamless traffic solution to the residents and visitors. As a result of this thoughtful planning, Al Marina won’t allow any traffic junction.

Traffic is determined by a thorough research for 2020 future background traffic volumes. 

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